Liquid Metal - Clear Zircons


The Liquid Metal Collection is a timeless style. The fusion of high fashion and durability form a signature mesh that makes each piece as unique aas the person who wears it... handmade one-of-a-kind made in the USA. Each creation reflects the distinctive ball and chain appearance that is the trademark of the designer, Sergio Gutierrez. The concept was born in 1991, when Sergio welded strands of industrial ball chain together. What emerged was an innovative new medium: structural mesh transmuted into an art form. Sergio's Liquid Metal Collection reflects his artistic vision with bold jewelry and accessories that merge vintage style with modern technology. At the heart of his designs is the sensuous asnd unique mesh that is both contemporary and timeless. Prized for their confort and originality, Sergio's creations are meant to be worn daily, like a second skin, an extension of yourself. 

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