Dahlia Geo


Habersham Wax Pottery GEO


This popular home fragrance line of Wax Pottery GEOs features lovely faux succulents in scented wax containers. Each GEO provides the beautiful fragrance of a candle without a flame. Simply remove the GEO from its packaging and enjoy. While making wonderful additions to the powder room, office, or any other room within your home, these are also the perfect "go to" gift.  

Dahlia is a combination of honey, sweet hibiscus, creamy musk with rose and jasmine, created with essential oils.

    Available in Green, Red, or Yellow, Sold Separately 
    Continuous Fragrance without a Flame 
    Artificial Flowers, Natural Stuffing
    No Water Required
    Decorative Tile Suggested for Display, Sold Separately
    4" x 4"
    Made in the USA

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